Safetystream SmartBox

Safetystream SmartBox®

Secure containers for
express courier transport™

Confidently ship your sensitive property anywhere with the Safetystream SmartBox, a secure shipping container with tamper-resistant electronic locking system. The Safetystream SmartBox has the following properties:

Safetystream Code Service

Safetystream Code Service®

A convenient and secure
code delivery system™

Once locked, the Safetystream SmartBox will open only for the authorized recipient with a unique code for that opening. That code is Web accessible and downloadable. Once programmed, the SmartBox can be opened by an optional RFID card. The Safetystream Code Service:

Aluminum SmartBox

Safetystream applications

As supply chains become more complex, cargo security becomes critical. International shipping increases exposure to this risk even further. That’s why minimizing theft and associated business risk is key. Safetystream products help reduce losses by resisting tampering and pilferage through use of unit-specific, single-event codes that limit access at every opening and are available only to authorized parties.

Should a breach occur, the associated audit trail provides a continuous chain of custody for law enforcement and insurance companies. For businesses, these capabilities help reduce operating costs associated with the transport, storage and delivery of valuable assets. For shippers, Safetystream helps protect company integrity and reputation.

Safetystream helps secure international, national, regional and local supply chains, reducing transport, storage, freight forwarding and shipping logistics operating costs in a post-peak oil world. The demonstrable increase in security may lower insurance rates, improve profit margins, and provide peace of mind to couriers, shippers, banks, jewelers, insurance underwriters, cash-in-transit operators, intellectual property holders, and evidence holders.

Safetystream Portal™—an automated service

The Safetystream Portal securely automates Safetystream Code Service, allowing SmartBox users to obtain codes with their cell phones. Safetystream Portal is securely connected to Safetystream Code Service over the wireless Internet by IP over GPRS. Opening codes are obtained by sending code requests by TXT (SMS). Safetystream Portal is protected by battery backup so Safetystream Code Service can be maintained even if local power fails.